ABM Beach Walk

We are involved in a fun and exciting fundraiser for Arctic Barnabas Ministries (ABM), the 3nd annual ABM Beach Walk.

We will be walking on the beach in Kenai, Alaska to raise money for ABM. The mission of Arctic Barnabas Ministries is to strengthen and encourage pastor and missionary families to effectively advance the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout remote Alaska and Northern Canada.

The financial need we are trying to meet in this campaign are the expenses related to face-to-face visits in hub communities and surrounding villages for pastoral care and encouragement.

We will be walking in this event June 21st, and my goal is to raise $1,000 in pledges. We are asking you to join us with a pledge of $25, $50, $100, or even $1,000 as one of our sponsors.

You can simply:

1. 1) contact us with your sponsor amount and current address


2. 2) click the link below to make a pledge and pay online at ABMs secure online giving link.


We want to thank you in advance for your willingness to stand with us in this important event and cause.

After the walk, please check the ABM website, http://www.arcticbarnabas.org for an update on how it went and how much was raised.

If you would like to walk with us and raise funds alongside us please contact us!

February ladies retreat

This retreat once again let’s me see The Lord in each and every detail. So many changes and adjustments I lost count. But I am confident this is exactly how The Lord had it planned all along!

One specific detail was the location for the retreat. As our location had to change shortly before the retreat, I thought The Lord had given us another location which also fell through less than 2 weeks before. The evening I found out I will admittedly confess I was greatly anxious. Not knowing what The Lord had in store, but knowing His plan was perfect, beautiful and full of glory for Himself. I went to bed laying this at His feet. I told The Lord I had to get sleep and asked that He would give me His plan in the morning. He placed a beautiful location on my mind when I awoke! So I called and the facility was wide open for the time frame we needed. What an amazing gift! He had held it just for us! I could only repeat over and over again the rest of the day, God is amazing and why do I ever question! I can always rest in His plan!

We had 8 women planning on attending the retreat and only 5 were able to attend. One by one plans out of their control came up, including one who had a medical emergency that occurred on the way in and she was unable to join us. But those 4 were exactly what The Lord had planned for the retreat. I love how The Lord orchestrates things to the very detail! Amazing!

As we came together I was able to sit back and observe the amazing gift of laughter, connection, tears, and a deep love for our sisters in Christ. I am continually awed to get to be a part of what The Lord does for these ladies. How deeply He loves each of them and me! To be able to share our hearts with other sisters is truly a gift I often take for granted. Do you?





The retreat as always was a success because we allowed The Lord to execute His plan inside the shell of ours. From all sorts of things unplanned, like songs that don’t belong there, and our flexibility to use His plan instead of ours!

As is typically the case, I suffered from a migraine in the middle of the retreat. It was during a time I could rest, although The Lord did not give me rest during it but rather asked me to reach out to several prayer warriors I had. They were able to pray not only for healing and my medicine to work but also soften hearts. He answered both at the same time! What an amazing God we serve!

I am blessed to get to serve and pamper these ladies who give sacrificially to answer the call of God on their lives and the lives of their families.

This concludes our retreats for this season and for now I am tired, but suspect we will do this again next year. I don’t see how we cannot. This is such a life provider for these women. Our feedback continues to be that this is hitting right on the spot for the women in ministry. Thank you for coming alongside us in what we do. You are such a vital part. Thank you!





Ladies Retreat

Today begins are final ladies retreat for the winter season.

Please pray for several things today. There are several ladies traveling today so safety in their travels.

We will be at a different location then any of our other retreats. This make me a bit anxious but I know that God has allowed this change and has a perfect plan for it. After all He is the one who dropped the option in my lap!! I love when God does great things when I leave what is burdening me at His feet and wait for His solution!

We have had several ladies unable to make it at the last minute so prayer for them for peace for the decisions that had to be made.

Prayer for the 5 ladies that will be taking part, that The Lord would really meet them in a special place this weekend and transform their lives. I am asking The Lord for something specific and special from Him for each one of them.

I am excited to see his plan unfold! Thank you so much for coming alongside us in prayer. You are a vital part of what we do. Thank You!

Port Lions February 2014

Where do I begin. I love being flexible enough to allow The Lord to guide each and every step of a trip. So many ways I get to see The Lord move as I step back and watch Him work and follow along for the ride! Again The Lord is so faithful to orchestrate trips for His glory.

We always seem to be running late to start our trip! I can never seem to plan enough margin into the schedule to accommodate all the little things that seem to go wrong! We had to make 2 trips to every stop as we forgot something at each stop. I hate repeating work but sometimes it just is! Our motto continues to be “semper gumby”, always be flexible! And that’s exactly where our trips always seem to end up. When will I learn!! So following suit we were late getting to the hangar to meet everyone to start our trip. Once altogether and loaded we grabbed some dinner and were off for our drive to Homer to catch the ferry. I was a bit stressed as we realized we would arrive a bit late from the 2 hour check-in time they had told us. We weren’t late! Actually arrived before most of the passengers! I had never really traveled by ferry so was an experience for me! A bit apprehensive as I couldn’t really tell the girls what to expect because I didn’t really know! It ended up being a great experience and the water was quite calm all night long allowing us to get some much needed sleep before we arrived in Port Lions early in the morning.




We arrived in Port Lions just as dawn was breaking. It was light by the time we docked. The Kodiak islands remind me a lot of the Hawaiian islands with tall lush trees and moisture filling the air. Just not quite so warm and not typically all that sunny, but very beautiful! Port Lions did not disappoint! It was a good thing Rob had been there before and was able to take us right to the house! I think I would have gotten us lost as we had to cross to the other side of the village through the woods to get to the homes and the center of the village.





We hit the ground running. The moment we pulled into the driveway the pastors wife happened to be outside and was waiting for us. The look of sheer joy and excitement to see us is truly indescribable! She had been following our ferry on the computer and could not contain herself when we pulled into the driveway. There is so much to say and talk about. With so many hurts in life it is so nice to have a listening ear to hear some of the pain that life brings. The Lord allows us time in this job to get to listen to the hurts of life for these pastors and missionaries. When they struggle with loneliness and isolation, our faces and listening ear are always so welcome and looked forward to.

We had the joy of quilting with the pastors wife and several other ladies from the community through out our 5 days there. There were late nights spent sewing and talking. So valuable! We were able to complete a lot of squares to go into a quilt won by one of our ladies and the rest into a quilt to raise money for ABM to continue to do trips like this one! We enjoyed time getting to know the ladies from the village and hear their stories as well.




We were able to minister to the church family by singing a special music for them and then Rob was able to share about ABM and his testimony. It gave some good conversation for further visiting with the church family Sunday after service. Rob, being our only guy, had some great time of one on one visiting with the pastor out in the shop. They had great conversation. At the end we had a chance to spend some time praying together and the pastor shared with us that he had been reading one of our ABM t-shirts that somebody had been wearing and the thought occurred to him, “the shirt says ABM strengthens and encourages and thats exactly what happened.” We left them feeling encouraged by our visit and ready to continue on. We have done what we set out to do. Most of the time we never get to hear directly from them how they feel when we leave, but this time The Lord gave us a glimpse at how they felt about our visit. On our way home I got an email from the pastor saying this, “You all blessed us so much! ABM is in my mind a critical part of the Gospel effort in Alaska. I know speaking for Jean and I, it’s entirely possible the ministering of ABM to us has made the difference between calling it quits and staying in the fight. Having Rob here to hang out with was priceless to me and I know the same is true for Jean with you, Rose, Becky, and Sarah. even Leah (sp) was a real part of the blessing and joy you all brought us.
Looking forward to seeing you all again!!!! Ron.”



Our travels home went well with the water a bit rough for the ferry ride, but still allowed us time of sleep. We always return home exhausted and yet spurred to continue on. I continue to feel and have The Lord confirm the call He has given on our lives. Our ministry is so needed and so valuable and The Lord is so gracious to encourage our lives with each and every visit.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us each stop of our journey. Your prayers and support continue to keep us moving forward. Thank you!



Port Lions

We are headed out to Port Lions. This trip rob and I will travel together along with Leah and several other staff ladies. We begin our trip by ferry in a few hours where we won’t arrive in Port Lions until tomorrow morning. You can pray for good weather there and back during the ferry ride. We are going to be participating in a quilting retreat with the pastors wife and Rob gets to spend time with the pastor. We are going to enjoy getting to worship together on Sunday morning as well as share special music for the church family. We will travel back home by ferry on Monday night and arrive home mid day on Tuesday.
Please pray for safety not only for us but for Jeremy and Beka who stayed home with friends. Pray for a time of great connection which I am looking forward to. Pray for our team to work well together and enjoy our time sewing!
Thank you for conning alongside of us and lifting us up in prayer!